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When your GPS brings you in a totally different place from where you were supposed to be

  • Putain!

  • Cazzo!

  • Still, the journey wasn't bad

When you get on the platform and your train just closed the doors

  • Putain!

  • Trenitalia di merda!

  • Ouch

When they board you on the plane and then announce 2 hours delay

  • Putain!

  • Che stronzi!

  • I'll take a nap

When no cab stops for you

  • Putain!

  • Pezzi demmerda!

  • I'll call an Uber

When your tyre goes flat in the middle of the night and the only person who stops is not what you expect

  • Putain!

  • Occazzo!

  • Hi mate, could you help me?

When you are travelling in space and you lock yourself out the spaceship (shit happens)

  • Putain!

  • Merda!

  • Well, that's an inconvenience