Welcome to the modern age

When you think you are safe as you are not on Facebook, but they track you anyway

  • Putain!

  • Macosacazzo?

  • Oh

When you are "Shut up and take my money!", but the service is just a proof of concept

  • Putain!

  • Ma Vaffanculo!

  • That's a shame

When the Nigerian prince didn't get back to you, after you sent them the bank transfer to prove your identity

  • Putain!

  • Bastardo!

  • I didn't see it coming

When you just got a new phone and it falls on the concrete

  • Putain!

  • PORCODD...!

  • Oops

When you get on the Bitcoin bandwagon as they are 15k$, because the price can only increase

  • Putain!

  • Mannaggiaccris...!

  • How disappointing

When you finally find an ATM, but the service is "currently unavailable"

  • Putain!

  • Ma Cazzo!

  • That's annoying