The journey of a lifetime

When your beloved kid pulls a tantrum because you told them they can have ice cream after lunch

  • Putain!

  • Cazzo strilli?

  • That's loud

When your kids spend 2 days with the granparents and develop a chocolate addiction

  • Putain!

  • Vecchi di merda

  • That's not too bad

When you have to meet your kid's friend's parents and socialise with them

  • Putain!

  • Che vita di merda

  • Nice folks, I like them

When the kids come home from their very first music lesson and insist they want to play to you

  • Putain!

  • Sono fottuto

  • How adorable

When you step on a lego

  • Putain!

  • PORCODD...!

  • Ouch

When your kid NEVER tidies up after playing

  • Putain!

  • Piccolo stronzetto viziato

  • A spoonful of sugar, that is all it takes