Day to day situations

When you are a Juventus supporter and Real Madrid gets a penalty at the 94'

  • Putain!

  • L'arbitro ha l'immondizia al posto del cuore

  • The refeeree is in charge

When you've done the whole puzzle and there's a piece missing

  • Putain!

  • Fijo de na mignotta

  • I could have seen that coming

When the toilet paper is mounted wrong

  • Putain!

  • Idiota col botto

  • How is that wrong?

When you discover that your date is big on selfies

  • Putain!

  • Inutile spreco di ossigeno

  • So what?

When you arrive at home, hoping for netflix and chill, but your partner is a little annoyed by the mess you left in the kitchen

  • Putain!

  • Sono cazzi

  • Fair enough

When you have seen a reasonably big spider in your living room and now you have to change flat

  • Putain!

  • Merda!

  • As long as I don't move, I'll be fine